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Still Can Manage a Smile…. Just Takes a While

by on September 23, 2010

“Mother, mother ocean, I have heard you call…” – Jimmy Buffett

We’re coming down the home stretch. This Friday will be the final stretch towards my rapidly approaching 40th birthday. The two choices were get overly philosophical or melancholy about it, or I could do something with it.

And I heard “Pirate Looks at 40” by Jimmy Buffett. A reminder of a favorite song, one I liked even when I was 25, almost anticipating this day. And said… “That would make a pretty good blog name”. But I’m not a pirate of any imagination. And tech writer looks at 40 would just be boring and depressing. So, a geek/pop culture blog seemed the most appropriate.

“Watched the men who rode you, switch from sails to steam”

Not a unique perspective, but a slant, shall we say. What does it mean to be a geek (or at least like/watch/read geeky things) when you have crossed over to your 40s. When my desires for reading comic books, watching Buffy Marathons, and playing video games gets trumped by writing process maps, folding laundry, and watching Bob the Builder.

Plus, geekdom has changed. Where I certainly don’t really think that being nerdy or geeky is cool, yet it may be much less of a stigma to like geeky things than ever before. And things are changing so rapidly. More specifically, you can’t even be sure if geekdom portrayed on television and movies is even obscure enough to qualify as proper geek entertainment.

Things are changing, and I’m not even sure they’ve settled yet. Tho I think too many geeks out there, and that the Lord of the Rings and X-Men movies have validated their geeky existence. No more true than saying that making movies with inspiration from William Shakespeare or Jane Austin makes the world more literary.

No it just means that Hollywood could condense it into material that appeals to the lowest common denominator and make a profit.

“Made enough money to buy Miami, but I pissed it away so fast. Never meant to last…”

The main reason that I would say that I’m NOT a geek anymore is that I don’t spend much money on being one. My days of dropping of $200-300 per month on comic books, movies, wrestling dvd, video games, and books are long gone, replaced by mortgage payments, day care, and dining out.

And yet, I still care about this stuff.

I think a geek is not measured by how much one spends on their ‘habit’, but how much it consumes their lives and their thoughts. And how much they talk about it.

One night I came up the stairs to join my wife, as she was already in bed while I was down playing Metal Gear Solid 4. And I couldn’t stop my geekish delight. She gives me a questioning look, and I have to tell her, cause there’s no one else to tell…

“Sweetie, I know you don’t care, but…. Snake is returning to Shadow Moses!!!!!! He’s going back to where it all began!!!”

She gave me the, “That’s nice…” look and rolled over and went to sleep. (Thankfully, not the “Why the hell did I marry this loser look”).

“But I got stop wishin’, I’ve got to go fishin’ … Down to rock bottom again… Just a few friends, just a few friends”

So I guess I still qualify, as a geek. I still crave the geek like satisfaction of completing a Playstation game, the season premieres of Doctor Who and Fringe, finding ways to acquire additions to my graphic novel collection, and receive comfort on a daily basis from webcomics.

Additionally, I still pay attention to the geeking world. I feel like someone who doesn’t have time to watch soap operas anymore, yet still buys Soap Opera weekly just to be in the loop.

“The cannons don’t thunder there’s nothin’ to plunder, I’m an over forty victim of fate; arriving too late, Arriving too late.”

Too late to the party? Too much of an old curmudgeon who can’t afford to keep up with the young-uns? Who knows. But this old fart will try to keep up, and post something. Posting it frequently hopefully.

Maybe come up with some sort of schedule, tho I’ll be damned if I know how I can know what I’ll come up with. A work in progress shall we say, full of ideas, reviews, opinions, and other sorts of nonsense.

And for those who hate it, I’ll keep the Jimmy Buffett lyrics to the barest of minimums.

Let’s launch this boat then.

Ua pau te maitai no te fenua
Re zai noa ra te ora o te miti


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