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WWE: Hell in a Cell (2010)

by on October 4, 2010

Unpredictability. It’s the latest craze in professional wrestling. If something seems like X, turn it into Y, just to mess with them. The WWE certainly had some surprising results last night at Hell in a Cell.

United States Title Match: Daniel Bryan vs The Miz vs John Morrison

Okay, I don’t understand what the WWE is doing with The Miz. Why would you have The Miz win the Money in the Bank match, and lose twice to Daniel Bryan. And I love Daniel Bryan, so it’s not a matter of preference.

I would have had Miz get his heat back last night, and capture the WWE title, if I was going to book Bryan making Miz submit. I mean, if not now, when for the Miz cashing in his title shot.

Morrison, I’m not even sure why he was in the match, other than to transfer the feud to Bryan vs Morrison.

WWE Title Match: Randy Orton vs Sheamus

Great match by all accounts. Not that I thought Sheamus was going to go over here, but the question is raised as to what is in store for both men going forward. Maybe a Randy Orton vs Nexus full on assault, but I think Orton vs Cena is tired. Maybe Orton vs Miz, but I don’t see Miz winning that battle over Randy. And unless Triple H comes back in the near future, what in the world is Sheamus going to do.

Edge vs Jack Swagger

This simply seems to be an Edge vs the RAW General Manager. I do not get where they are going with it. And how Jack Swagger’s star has fallen

Wade Barrett vs John Cena

Kudos to the WWE for pulling the trigger on this angle. If Barrett lost, then the other members of Nexus would assuredly be looking for work in 2 years (Spirit Squad anyone?). And Cena would be pushed to Orton or towards another meaningless main event feud.

Cena losing to Barrett keeps us guessing. The start of a heel run for Cena? Dominance of the world title picture by Nexus?

My predictions/my booking ideas:

  • Ortuga forms a Nexus Stable on SmackDown! that includes the wrestlers who interfered last night.
  • RAW Nexus (with Cena) vs Raw Superstars (Hart, Bryan, Morrison, Borne, and Henr) at Survivor Series. Cena is freed if RAW Superstars win.
  • Cena is ‘freed’ from Nexus or has opportunity (I say Survivor Series), and turns heel at that moment. (My suggestion is that someone tells Cena to lie down to be free, and he blasts them with the Attitude Adjustment)
  • Cena takes control of The Nexus, but as he does, he forced Barrett out of the group, and the others ally around Cena.

Michelle McCool vs Natalya

Don’t really care. Glad that Natalya is getting a women title run.

World Title: Kane vs The Undertaker with Paul Bearer

Power of the urn in 2010? Really?

Two good things about this:

  • Kane is a good loyal WWE soldier, who deserves a decent title run. And is a fresh face holding the world title. Admittedly, he will still probably lose it to Taker at Survivor Series in a Buried Alive match. But it’s nice to see him getting more than a 3 month run.
  • Okay, Paul Bearer coming back to the WWE just to turn on The Undertaker doesn’t make sense. But Michael Cole admitted that it doesn’t make sense. So there is at least a chance that the WWE has a plan. A plan that doesn’t make us all sick.

However, bringing Paul Bearer back for an extended run with a Kane vs Undertaker feud, means that someone might actually try to connect the nonsensical Kane vs Undertaker story dating back to 1997, and that would be VERY ugly.

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