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Fringe – Episode 302: The Box

by on October 5, 2010

Fringe (TV series)

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The second episode of the season of Fringe was a definite game change, or more specifically set the table for the upcoming season. This episode gives some insight into the purpose of Fauxlivia’s

infiltration of Fringe Division; giving additional purpose for Walter’s immediate future; and established the overall theme/direction for the team in the main universe going forward.

Posting this on October 5th, mostly due to interference to my Comcast feed on Thursday. Had to wait til after the weekend to watch the episode on

Quick Synopsis:

Main Plot – Thomas Newton sends ‘thieves’ to retrieve a box, with similar markings to the other world “Doomsday Device”. The thieves include a cousin who is deaf. After taking hostages, they open the box at the site, and the ultrasonic waves from the device kill the thieves and the hostages. The deaf cousin is unaffected. The cousin sees Fauxlivia at the crime scene and goes to visit her.

Thinking she is a ‘good guy’, he visits her and gives her the box. Fauxlivia kills the man, and gives it to Newton. Newton gives the device to a homeless man who takes it into a subway tunnel. Fringe discovers that Newton was at the subway station, and cameras show a man taking a box into the subway tunnels.

Fauxlivia temporarily makes Peter deaf by firing a pistol near his ears. Peter enters the tunnel and recognizes the device as having similar markings to the “Doomsday Device”. He disables the machine, but doesn’t hear that a train is coming towards him until it is upon him. Fauxlivia runs into the tunnel hearing the train, and pulls him to safety. Peter takes the device back to the lab for analysis.

Olivia and Newton – Fauxlivia and Thomas Newton are conversing, as he removes her tattoo. The retrieval of the box is Newton’s operation. Newtown has the expertise in the main universe, but Fauxlivia is in charge. Fauxlivia returns the box to Newton, admonishing him for screwing up. Their conversation reveals that they want the Fringe Division to find the device. Fauxlivia reports back to the other side that Peter has the box and is actively engaged.

Walter – Walter, feeling the effects of what his knowledge has caused on both universes, puts himself into the Oppenheimer role, of a scientist whose creations have caused destruction. At Walter Bell’s funeral he is given a safety deposit box key with the message of “Don’t be Afraid to Cross the Line”. Walter confronts Peter, wanting to tell him his side of the story. Peter pushed Walter away, not ready to hear the information. After the threat is disabled, Walter opens the safety deposit box finding that William Bell has given him stock options that make him the majority owner in Massive Dynamic.

Peter and Fauxlivia – Fauxlivia goes with Peter to a bar, and start dancing. Peter starts to talk to her about Fauxlivia, thinking she is Olivia. After Walter’s confrontation, Peter visits Fauxlivia and starts to talk to her about how his father’s actions have caused the destruction in the other universe. Fauxlivia kisses Peter to distract him when blood from the deaf thief is seeping under the door.

Interesting Bits:

  • There are bits of technology of “The Device” in both universes. Why? And Peter talked about Walternate telling him of ‘ancient tech’, which means that maybe there is a longer history of advanced technology in the alternate universe.
  • The alternate universe wants Peter (and most likely Walter) engaged with the device.
  • Walter is given controlling interest in Massive Dynamic as an ‘apology’ from William Bell, and to help with the lost years when he was in the asylum.
  • Walter taking control of MD would be a very exciting show, but I don’t think Fringe is going that direction. I think this will simply be a plot device, and in the end Walter will give the control to someone else. This would be a lot of fun to explore, but I don’t think there’s enough time in 9-10 episodes to really play it out.
  • Tension between Fauxlivia and Newton? He doesn’t seem to be the type who wants to sit and take orders from someone.
  • Is Fauxlivia closed to the possibility that “the war” was an accident? She seems to be familiar with the alternative view of events. Newton even seems dismissive of the idea that this was a “war.” Whose vision is it, that this is a “war” between universes?
  • Is Fauxlivia going to have feelings for Peter, or is she able to totally shut herself off as an infiltrator?
  • Can we finally have some character development for Astrid! Please! It’s been two seasons, and all we have is her abilities and that she has affection for Walter. How about some character development?

Walter Quotes:

Walter Bishop (Fringe)

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BROYLES: Doctor Bishop, any thoughts?
WALTER: Reminds me of Monet’s Water lilies.

WALTER: Nostradamus is said to have died standing up, but I highly doubt that someone who predicted his own death wouldn’t have laid down.

ASTRID: That sound creeps me out.
WALTER: Really? I always found it oddly comforting. Oh, that’s very good, Dear. Have you ever worked behind a deli counter?

WALTER: It’s an old argument. Belly and I spent days discussing the wisdom of crossing the line. “Only those that risk going too far can possibly know how far they can go.” That’s what Belly used to say.

WALTER: Silent but deadly. Speaking of which, might like to take a step away.
PETER: Delightful, Walter.

WALTER: Kent Street. I frequented a massage parlor just around the corner. I used to get off right here.
PETER: I sure hope you’re talking about the station, Walter.

PETER: You got a better explanation? We’re talking about two universes here. Two of each one of us. At this point, would anything really surprise you?
WALTER: Bacon-flavored pudding. That would surprise me.


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