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Procrastination… My Bittersweet Mistress

by on August 30, 2011

Not my first go round in the blog world, but still I thought… “This time, I’ll stick with it”.

I had all these plans. I was going to turn 40, and turn inward. Return to the delicacies of the past, and enjoy them anew.

Sigh…. 8-9 months later… and here we are…. Nothing to post about.


But we are heading into September… my favorite month… the month when my nerdboy energies are renewed…

September… the month when he slate is cleared and you have a chance to start over…. Cool weather, warm chili, fall harvest, new television.

The nerdboy plans include:

  • Doctor Who Season 6.5 ….
  • DC Universe: The New 52
  • The Return of Fringe, Castle, and Big Bang Theory

Who knows… maybe I’ll add something else to the mix…

Kicks off…. Soon….


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