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Doctor Who Episode 6.8: Let’s Kill Hitler

by on August 31, 2011

A late review, mostly due to Hurricane Irene (not power outages, but rather guests who would not appreciate Doctor Who… the heathens)

After the Episode 6.7 big reveal that the child of Amy and Rory has been altered to become part Time Lord and taken to become a weapon against the threat of The Doctor, aaaaaand we finally find out the identity of River Song that she is Amy’s child, Melody Pond… after all that we took the summer off…

And now we’re back with the hilariously titled… Let’s Kill Hitler

Quick Synopsis

  • Amy and Rory create a crop circle in their hometown, spelling out “Doctor”. The Doctor arrives in the middle to chastise them about it, but is elusive about finding Melody. A Corvette drives into the crop circle being chased by the police. The driver is Mels, Amy and Rory’s childhood friend, who was always getting into trouble mostly due to her infatuation with Amy’s imaginary friend, The Doctor.
  • Mels pulls out a gun and forces The Doctor and crew to travel to 1938 Berlin to kill Hitler. Inside the TARDIS, Mel shoots the console and the ship crash lands in Hitler’s office.
  • Meanwhile, a group of humans called the Justice Department is inside a robot called The Teselecta, which can change into the shape of any human being. The robot is forcing its way into Hitler’s office to torture him (and any other criminals across history).
  • The TARDIS lands in Hitler’s office stopping the attack. After thanking the TARDIS crew, Hitler fires off several shots at the robot, but hitting Mels.
  • Mels reveals that she is actually Melody Pond, who travelled to England to ‘grow up’ with her parents Amy and Rory. She regenerates into the familiar body that we know as River Song. After doing the regeneration body check out, Melody tries to kill the Doctor. After a brief tête-à-tête where Melody tries to shoot The Doctor, she kisses him with poisonous lipstick and runs away through Berlin.
  • The crew of The Teselecta changes their target to the biggest war criminal in all of history, Melody Pond. They go chasing after Melody as does Amy and Rory.
  • The Doctor enters the TARDIS where a voice interface unit that looks like Amelia Pond helps give him the strength to fight.
  • Melody goes into a restaurant forces the patrons to strip so she can change her clothes; Amy and Rory are brought aboard The Teselecta that now looks like Amy Pond. The robot confronts Melody and attacks her right before The Doctor arrives in a tuxedo, hat, and cane (ala Amy’s wedding).
  • The Doctor confronts the Justice Department, where they tell him that Melody killed The Doctor, and that they punish the guilty throughout history. As the Doctor starts dying, the Justice Department gives Melody “Hell”. Amy and Rory sabotage the privilege bracelets and the antibodies attack everyone in the ship.
  • After seeing The Doctor try to save her parents while dying, Melody pilots the ship to Amy and Rory. They return to The Doctor, where he whispers something to Melody for her to tell River Song. Amy has the robot show Melody what River Song looks like. Melody uses her regenerative energy and all of her future regenerations to save The Doctor’s life.
  • Melody wakes up in the hospital run by the Sisters of the Infinite Schism with The Doctor, Amy, and Rory. After seeing she will recover they leave her. The Doctor leaves her the TARDIS shaped journal. River leaves and joins the Luna University in 5123 to study archaeology. The Doctor downloads information from the robot, including the time and place he is going to die.


Mels:    You said guns didn’t work in this place! You said we were in a state of temporal grace!
Doctor:     That was a clever lie, you idiot! Anyone could tell that was a clever lie!

Mels:    When I was little, I was going to marry you!
Doctor:    Good idea… Let’s get married… You stay alive, and I’ll marry you. Deal? Deal?
Mels:    Shouldn’t you ask my parents’ permission?
Doctor:    Soon as you’re well. I’ll get them on the phone.
Mels:    Might as well do it now. Since they’re both right here.
<music plays>
Mels:    Penny in the air…
<starts glowing>
Penny drops…

Melody:    Goodness, is killing you going to take all day?
Doctor:    Why, you busy?
Melody:    Oh, I’m not complaining.
Doctor:    If you were in a hurry, you could have killed me in the cornfield.
Melody:     We’d only just met. I’m a psychopath. I’m not rude.

Amy:     I don’t understand. One minute she’s going to marry you, and then she’s going to kill you.
Doctor:     Well she’s been brainwashed, it all makes sense. Plus… she’s a woman
<Amy gives him a look>
Doctor:    Oh shut up! I’m dying!

Melody:    Well, I was on my way to this gay gypsy bar mitzvah for the disabled when I suddenly thought, “Gosh, the Third Reich is a bit rubbish. I think I’ll kill Hitler.” Who’s with me?

Amy:     How did we fit?
Rory:    Miniaturization ray.
Amy:    How would you know that?
Rory:    Well, there was a ray, and we were miniaturized.

Doctor:     River, no…. What are you doing?
River:     Hello sweetie!

Nurse:     She just needs to rest. She’ll be absolutely fine.
Doctor:     No she won’t. She’ll be amazing

New Questions

Q1.    If Melody already killed The Doctor (as the girl in the astronaut suit), then why doesn’t she remember it?

Q2:    If Melody later kills The Doctor, then why does she seem clueless when he dies in Utah? (Yes maybe she has to be there, and go through the motions, but still…)

Q3:    What part of time was rewritten with Kennedy?

Q4:    Did they leave the robot in 1938 Germany?

Q5:     If the Doctor’s death date is part of history (i.e., somewhat common knowledge), wouldn’t he have heard about it before?

Q6:    Melody/River has regenerated at least twice: Once from young Melody into Mels; One from Mels into River Song. Are there other regenerations that we don’t know about?

Q7:    What does The Doctor tell Melody to tell to River Song? The implication is that he would say, “I love you.”, based on Melody saying, “Well I’m sure…” But, is this the moment when he tells River his name?

Q8:    Why does history regard The Doctor as a hero? When he has done his best to keep out of the history books?

Q9:     Did The Doctor want River to give up her future regenerations to save him? He knew it was a possibility?

Q10:    Where did River learn about regenerations? Did the Silence/Madame Kovarian train her to be a Time Lord?

Q11:    Is Madame Kovarian a member of the Silence? Or is her war with The Doctor more personal?

Q12:    Has all the brainwashing of Melody Pond/River Song been erased (specifically The Doctor killing part)?

Q13:    Has Amy, Rory, and The Doctor’s search for Melody Pond ended?

Old Answers

  1. The child who regenerates in Episode 6.2: Day of the Moon is River Song (confirmed).
  2. History says that Melody Pond is guilty of murdering the doctor, and most likely this is why River Song is imprisoned (may not be accurate, but is the ‘truth’).
  3. History confirms that The Doctor dies at Lake Silencio in Utah on 04/22/2011.
  4. “The Silence” is not a species but a (religious) movement. A member of the Academy of The Question. The Silence will fall when the oldest question in the universe is answered.
  5. River Song is taught how to fly the TARDIS by the TARDIS herself.
  6. River Song is the “Child of the TARDIS”.
  7. The Doctor gives River Song the TARDIS shaped journal.
  8. River Song would not have survived saving The Library in episode 4.9: Forest of the Dead.

Thoughts and Asides

  • Seems like The Doctor was wearing a new coat, I really like it. And it looks good on Matt Smith.
  • Speaking of looking good. Karen Gillan in a school girl uniform… YUM!
  • When the Corvette speeds towards the group, you naturally think that it’s River Song, played by 40-something, curly hair, Caucasian Alex Kingston. And then a 20-something black woman steps out of the car, and you think it isn’t River Song. So then when you see the episode another time, and know that it actually IS River Song, it makes the entrance even better!
  • Even The Doctor pauses at meeting Adolf Hitler. He stares down Davros. Is good friends with Winston Churchill. Flirts with Madame de Pompadour. But he pauses upon meeting Adolf Hitler.
  • Great tease, when the Justice Department scans the TARDIS, it makes you think that they (like Madame Kovarian) would bring The Doctor to justice, but instead it’s the murderer of The Doctor.
  • The Doctor actually asks Mels to marry him, as long as she doesn’t die. Makes the title of the last episode, “The Wedding of River Song” much more interesting.
  • At first, when Mels said that her parents were right there, I thought she was seeing her dead parents, not Rory and Amy.
  • When Mels drops the line about her parents being right there, the music changes instantly to River Song’s theme. Loved that!
  • The “Hello Benjamin”, the raised thigh, and the Doctor covering his eyes… Wonderful!
  • Said many places, but the back and forth of The Doctor and River with the weapons was soooo good.
  • Melody knowing that she is a psychopath is somewhat interesting.
  • Is River imprisoned for killing the Doctor, because there is no archaeological evidence that he survived?
  • Also noted, the voice that says “Fish Fingers and Custard” doesn’t sound like the voice interface. The voice is less mechanical, more emotional, and less echoey.
  • Young Amelia Pond is biting/covering her bottom lip after the line “Fish Fingers and Custard.” Either a clue, or the actress couldn’t keep a straight face, and was trying not to laugh.
  • The captain of The Teselecta recognizes Melody’s appearance as Melody Pond, and not River Song.
  • The Doctor feels guilty over messing up all of his former companions, including Amy Pond.
  • Anyone else think that the very polite anti-bodies sounded like Optimus Prime?
  • I would be shocked in the creative team doesn’t, at some point, say the answer to the “Oldest question in the universe” is 42, as a joking acknowledgement to former Doctor Who writer, Douglas Adams.
  • Not sure if I like when the doctor says… “Doctor… who?”… Luckily it isn’t done often, so I don’t have to judge it.
  • The Doctor is lying on the steps with musical score all around him. (Get it… it’s a Song!)
  • Return of the Cat Nurses, but how limited was the budget that they couldn’t show them up close.
  • A little disappointed that the search

Doctors Rules

  • Rule 408:     You should always waste time when you don’t have any. Time is not the boss of you.
  • Rule 27:     Never knowingly be serious.
  • Rule 7:     Don’t ever run when you’re scared.
  • Rule 1:    The Doctor lies.


A truly amazing episode of Doctor Who. Emotional, witty, exciting, plot moving…. Answered questions, added new ones. Very satisfying and quite enjoyable. My guess is that we’ve seen the last of the Silence/River plot until the end of the season, but I may be very very wrong.

Grade: A-


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