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26 of 52: The Birth

by on September 6, 2011

Okay, the DC Universe has rebooted… and assuming this isn’t a yearlong publicity stunt (or a colossal failure), this is the universe going forward.

Although I certainly have misgivings about new universes, reboots, sales stunts, and any other type gimmicks, I give credit to DC for trying something. On the other side, Marvel seems content in getting the blood from the stone of the 100,000 or so existing customers, and hoping that the movies barrage will lead to increased sales (hasn’t yet).

Plus, after the original Crisis, the DC Universe was a massive influx of creative energy that lead to Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters, Batman Year One, Hawkworld, Justice League International, The Flash (Wally West), Wonder Woman (from George Perez), Suicide Squad, Checkmate, and Superman: Man of Steel (just on the superhero side).

So, I’m going to dip my toe in the water of the new titles. The plan is to read six digital titles a week. I’ll pick 3 titles, ‘ahead of time’, and then select 3 more as the week goes on based on buzz, reviews, and information as it comes available. Then I’ll give a quickie review on the site. That plus Justice League #1 makes 25 issues. (and I’ll throw # 26 in there sometime).

Should be fun.


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