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26 of 52: Week One Titles

by on September 6, 2011

In this special episode of 26 of 52, I’m going to review the list of 13 DCnU New 52 comics that I may potentially purchase during Week One. My plan, as stated before, is to pick three comics, with little to no knowledge, and then use the powerful tool of THE INTERNET to help me choose the other three. You are welcome to comment if you wish:

  1. Action Comics #1 (Grant Morrison & Rags Morales): One of the two most anticipated comic books of the week. A definite twitter explosion waiting to happen. So I can jump on the bandwagon or run away from the trend. Hmmmmm. Possibly
  2. Animal Man #1 (Jeff Lemire, Travel Foreman, & Dan Green): I’ve seen both for this one… Avoid at all costs, and OMG this is going to be so cool. Not a huge Buddy Baker fan, and don’t really know the writer. Not at First
  3. Batgirl #1 (Gail Simone & Ardian Syaf): And this is the other most talked anticipated comic of the week, as Gail Simone takes Barbara Gordon out of the wheelchair and back into the tights. I love Gail’s work, and I’m very very curious. Almost Definitely
  4. Batwing #1 (Judd Winick & Ben Oliver): When I think back upon all of the great comic books that I’ve read that were written by Judd Winick… my mind turns completely blank. So Winick writing about a character I barely know…. Not a tough call. Not Likely
  5. Detective Comics #1 (Tony Daniel & Ryan Winn): When artists start plotting, it can go either way. I’m thinking that Daniel’s familiarity with the character will make this one worth it. Possibly
  6. Green Arrow #1 (KT Krul & Dan Jurgens): A total reboot of the character. Okay, Oliver had unnecessary baggage, but this seems a bit much. Heck, even the moustache and goatee is gone. And I’m not a fan of Krul’s work that I’ve seen. Not Likely
  7. Hawk and Dove #1 (Sterling Gates & Rob Liefield): Nostaliga Alert! I was a huge fan of the original mini-series and series. Very curious to see how they are written. Could go either way, but I’m very curious. Possibly
  8. Justice League International #1 (Dan Jurgens & Aaron Lopresti): I was on the fence with this title, but then I saw the preview and was very underwhelmed. Jurgens took over the JLI in the 90s, and I didn’t like it then, so why would I like it now? Not Likely
  9. Men of War #1 (Ivan Brandon & Tom Derenick): Never was a fan of war comics, but I certainly respect bringing Sgt. Rock back into the DC Universe. And too much superheroes is like too much fast food. Maybe a change of pace is in order. Possibly
  10. O.M.A.C. #1
    (Dan Dido & Keith Giffen): I want to protest this book for Dan Dido’s management style overall. But it’s a character I don’t care about, and a writer whose skills are… questionable. Not Likely
  11. Static Shock #1 (Scott McDaniel & John Rozum): I’m at an age when teenage superhero drama really captures my attention. But when it’s done right, it’s still good. Plus, McDaniel can definitely bring the goods. Not at First
  12. Stormwatch #1 (Paul Cornell & Miguel Sepulveda): A Doctor Who writer who is creating a superhero team book that has the least amount of pressure on it. Good potential here. Gail Simone said she reread it the most. Possibly
  13. Swamp Thing #1 (Scott Snyder & Yanick Paquette): I don’t like the idea of Swamp Thing in the DC Universe. Yes it’s old Vertigo thinking, but still. Is he really relatable in 2011? Snyder is a decent writer, so who knows. Not at First

So, that’s my thoughts… any comments?


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