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26 of 52: Week Two Titles

by on September 13, 2011

Okay, we got week two coming up. And as I did in Week One, I’m going to review the list of Week Two titles, and try to figure out which ones I’m going to purchase.

My basic plan is to use this list to purchase three titles from Comixology on Wednesday, before I’ve read a single review. And then use this guide along with internet reviews to pick three more over the weekend.

  1. Batman & Robin (Peter Tomasi & Patrick Gleason): I don’t know Peter Tomasi, and I’m not a huge fan of Damien Wayne. I have heard no real pre-buzz or hype for this title. And I think most of the emphasis with the reboot is for the characters that aren’t working, rather than the ones that are. So I’ll wait to hear the general reviews, certainly. Not at First
  2. Batwoman #1 (J.H. Williams & Haden Blackman): Now this title is getting some buzz, if only for J.H. William’s artwork. I like the character of Batwoman, and the art looks great. So I’m intrigued to say the least, even though I don’t really think there’s room in Gotham for both Batwoman and Batgirl. Possibly
  3. Deathstroke #1 (Kyle Higgins & Joe Bennett): Wow, tough call. I have loved Deathstroke since New Teen Titans #2. I like him as a bad ass, and I like him as a friend of the Titans. I’m not sure I like him in a role as mercenary extraordinaire. Not Likely
  4. Demon Knights #1 (Paul Cornell & Diogenes Neves): I loved Stormwatch, and I’ve heard some very good hype and buzz about this series already. Not too thrilled about a Demon and Madame Xanadu pairing, but that’s not to say it couldn’t be interesting. Almost Definitely
  5. Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E (Jeff Lemire & Alberto Ponticelli): Totally uninterested in this series, but I really liked Jeff Lemire’s work on Animal Man #1, so I am at least willing to believe that I could get pulled in. Not at First
  6. Green Lantern (Geoff Johns & Doug Mahnke): I don’t regularly read Green Lantern, but this is totally a financial decision, not a creative one. I love Geoff Johns and I have enjoyed Green Lantern. It seems too easy to pick this issue, but I am at least assured it is not going to suck. Possibly
  7. Grifter (Nathan Edmondson & CAFU): Wow, Grifter… really? Um, I always liked Grifter, but he was the most likeable and least complicated. I’m just not sure if bringing this aspect of the Wildstorm Universe is really the way to go. But I’m not against it totally. Not at First
  8. Legion Lost (Fabian Nicieza & Pete Woods): Okay, now this is a dilemma. I love Fabian Nicieza. And I love how he writes young characters. But I have no love for the Legion in any form, really. Why couldn’t Nicieza write Teen Titans, would be such an easy decision. Well, I’ll leave it as: Possibly
  9. Mister Terrific (Eric Wallace & Roger Robinson): I have liked Mister Terrific when I have read him in JSA and Infinite Crisis, but he seems rather bland as a character. I don’t see him supporting a book by himself. Not Likely
  10. Red Lanterns (Peter Milligan & Ed Benes): A whole book devoted to the Red Lanterns, who are dedicated to the emotional power of Rage? I pause only (and I mean ONLY) because of Peter Milligan. He’s a very good comic book writer. And I’m at least curious to think about what he might do with that concept. Not at First
  11. Resurrection Man (Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, & Fernando Dagnino): Okay Abnett and Lanning obviously work well together, but other than a promise that their writing will be decent, I’m not really feeling any sort of pull towards this character. It’s been like 5-6 years since he’s been seen in a comic book. Not at First
  12. Suicide Squad (Adam Glass & Marco Rudy): Poor recipe for this meal. Take favorite concept and remove all characters tied to it. Take favorite characters and redo their costumes so you don’t recognize or like them . Looks like they’re trying to give Arkham Asylum (videogame) look and feel to a classic property. Uck. Not Liklely
  13. Superboy (Scott Lobdell & R.B. Silva): And here’s another. I don’t like Lobdell’s writing, and the look of the comic is that they are yanking out everything I like about Connor to make him more ‘hip’ with that young, Ipod listening crowd. So, this is a pass for me. Not Likely

On first glance, Demon Knights, Batwoman, Green Lantern, and Legion Lost are rising like cream to the top. Any thoughts?


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