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26 of 52: Legion Lost #1

by on September 15, 2011

I’m having a conundrum here. I chose Legion Lost #1 as my Thursday comic for my little 26 of 52 series. I chose it because I am a huge fan of Fabien Nicieza, and not because I am a huge fan of the Legion of Superheroes.

Even though I am not a Legion fan, I still know how much of a roller-coaster ride Legion fans have been on. I think only Hawkman has had more reboots than the Legion: Giffen’s 5 year later Reboot, Zero Hour Reboot, Threeboot, and then the Original LSH Revival/Reboot. So, I certainly understand the reasoning of DC to not reboot the Legion again.

That being said, as a non-Legion fan, I found this story to be a fast moving train that I just could not get on. I am barely familiar with two characters: Dawnstar and Timber Wolf, but the other five and the villain are totally a mystery to me. Yes, for a new step forward, this is a problem, but I should have just stayed away and left it for Legion fans.

I’m going to review this book, and I’ll tell you up front, that I won’t read issue #2. But if you’ve liked the Legion in the past, and especially the recent past, this should have little/no bearing on whether you should read and potentially enjoy this book.

Legion Lost #1
Writer: Fabien Nicieza | Artist: Pete Woods

A superhuman is being examined on 21st century Earth by a medical team in the town of Red Lake Falls. He speaks in a foreign tongue and attacks all of them

Meanwhile, seven members of the Legion arrive at the same time in a Time Bubble, looking to capture Alastor, the superhuman in the initial scene. All of them feel rather sick. Timber Wolf runs off while the other members of the Legion realize that their flight rings don’t work. Wolf realizes that Alastor has arrived 30 hours before them

Once Gates reappears, the Legion regroups, and realizing that their technological accessories don’t function, they will need to rely on their powers to find Alastor. Timber Wolf runs away, leaving Tyroc and the rest to fix the time bubble.

In downtown Red Lake Falls, Alastor has turned into a horned demon with green armor. But he stops before destroying a little girl who is looking for her sister. Wolf recovers Alastor, and Dawnstar realizes that the pathogen that Alastor has in his system has been released. Tellus suggests that if they take Alastor away from this timeline, the Earth will not be affected.

They attempt to take the Time Bubbles back to their time, but something causes the bubbles to malfunction. And the bubbles blow up, with dire consequences, leaving the Legionnaires with many difficult decisions.


Superheroes thrown together to find a bad guy, who doesn’t supposedly have any powers but carries a pathogen. Is he infected intentionally? Or is this natural non-Earth disease pathogens? Or is he just sick.

Why these seven Legionnaires? And they seem to have defied the Time Institute to come back and capture Alastor. Is this a rogue operation? I was unable to attach powers, let alone personalities to the characters in this book, other than Timber Wolf So when the tragedy happens at the end of the book, am I supposed to emotionally react to characters I just met.

Too many questions, and the artwork didn’t help things along.


  1. The Legion mentions the Flashpoint Breakwall. So they know about the Flashpoint event. What do they know?
  2. How did Alastor get the dangerous pathogen?
  3. Does Superman or Superboy from the DCnU know anything about the Legion?



Normally, I rate last, but there’s nothing left to say. I found this book to be inaccessible, and this is coming from someone who has read a Legion of Superheroes comic in his life. This one did nothing for me, and had little impact. Maybe true Legion fans will think differently.

But if I didn’t find anything redeemable, I don’t know how a new reader will either. Plus, the whole thing that is cool about the Legion, is that they live in the future, where anything can happen, and sending them back in time, turns them into just regular old superheroes.

If you’re a Legion fan, then maybe this book is a C, but otherwise I hold by my ranking I’m probably going to add another book to the list this week, just to make up for it. (Plus, that will make 26)



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