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26 of 52: Green Lantern #1

by on September 19, 2011

I had a dilemma. Only picking 6 titles a week plus Justice League #1 gets me to 25 titles at the end of the month, and not 26. And not that anyone else would count, but I would know. So I’m reviewing Green Lantern #1 this week, in addition to three other week 2 titles.

I didn’t want to read Green Lantern #1, only because it is too easy. Geoff Johns is one of the architects of the new DC Universe, and he’s been writing Green Lantern for the last 5 years or so. I’ve read his Green Lantern comics, and they are quite good, so there’s nothing new to learn about the title. But as I wanted to sneak a quick/easy one in the month to make 26, it seemed like a good choice

Green Lantern #1
Writer: Geoff Johns | Artist: Doug Mahnke

Quick background on Green Lantern. We all know that the Green Lantern Corps is an intergalactic police force, and that Hal Jordan has been the Green Lantern of the Earth sector for a while. Recently, additional Lantern Corps have emerged, each representing a different color and a different emotion in the emotional spectrum. This eventually gave rise to the Black Lanterns, led by the villain Nekron.

Recently, the Corps has gone through internal struggles (in the War of the Green Lanterns) where the Guardians removed the ring from Hal Jordan. And the Green Lantern ring selected Sinestro, former villain and leader of the Sinestro Corps, as his replacement.

Quick Synopsis

  • Sinestro reluctantly recites the Green Lantern Oath for the Guardians, to be released from their bonds. They offer him redemption which he scoffs at.
  • The Guardians of the Universe have a New Mission, and they force Ganthet’s mind to bend to theirs to complete it.
  • On Earth and ringless, Hal Jordan is finding it tough to adapt to life. He has little money, and squanders his relationship with Carol Ferris (who is also the Star Saffire).
  • On Sinestro’s home planet, his Yellow Lanterns are enslaving his people.
  • Hal’s life bottoms out and he receives an unexpected visitor.


Pretty good I must say. I know little to nothing about the recent plight of the Green Lantern Corps and Hal Jordan, and in one comic book I understand that he’s back to square one, and has little or no opportunities to get himself out of it.

The Guardians have some new purpose that seems rather curious. Writers have always teased the Green Lanterns rebelling completely against the guardians, and maybe this will be an opportunity so do so.

Sinestro is played very nicely as well. I have seen him written where he is someone who prefers justice with an iron fist, so the temptation for him is going to be very interesting.

I like the playing of Carol Ferris against Hal. Hal is all about willpower, and that ‘will’ can come across as being a jerk. Carol is about love, and she opens herself up to Hal, even though she may not be sure of the reaction she would give him back.

Hal being played as a jerk… not sure that works in a monthly book where Hal is the star, but I’m willing to run with it.

I think this book works for someone who is familiar with the Green Lanterns (old school, recent reader, or movie version), but not someone going in cold.


  1. What is the Guardians new purpose?
  2. Could Sinestro be both a Green Lantern and a Yellow Lantern?
  3. Who is leading the Star Sapphires, if Carol has stepped down?


A very nice issue #1, balancing familiarity and new plotlines. Yes, a new reader or lapsed reader would be confused with Sinestro as a new member of the Green Lantern Corps, but a quick Wikipedia check, and you’ll be on your feet in no time. Accessible doesn’t necessarily mean starting from the beginning. I started reading comics that weren’t #1 issues, and kept up quite nicely. This works, and I would purchase it next month.

A (well balanced and intriguing)


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