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26 of 52: Grifter #1

by on September 20, 2011

I owe DC an apology. Well, I guess not an apology, per say, as I didn’t do anything to insult them. However, when I saw that they were going to merge the Wildstorm universe into the DCnU, I said it was a bad idea. Well, I should have remembered my comic book history. The DC Universe has been a universe of successful merged universes from the beginning, the most recent examples being the merger with Fawcet Comics (the Captain Marvel/Shazam titles) and the Charlton Comics Universe (Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, etc.). I remember fondly how new and exciting the DC Universe seemed after Crisis with the influx of these new characters.

So, I saw that the reviews for Grifter #1 were really good, much to my surprise. And Grifter was always one of my favorite WildCATS characters, so what the heck. It’s only $2.99. The kids can eat knock-off Spaghettios tonight!

Grifter #1: 17 Minutes
Writer: Nathan Edmondson | Pencils: CAFU

For those of you who don’t know… a grifter is another word for a con-man. I first heard the term used in my favorite movie, The Sting. Maybe it was in the common American vernacular prior to that, but I wouldn’t know.

The character Grifter was created as a roguish mercenary for Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.S, one of the original Image Comics, released in 1992. To the best of my knowledge Grifter never really ‘grifted’ (i.e., ran a con), but was more a gun-toting mercenary. I always found him to be cool, but with little substance.


  • Cole Cash is a con-man who scams another thief out of some money in New Orleans.
  • As he is running away to meet up with his partner, Gretchen, in San Juan, he is abducted by some sort of creature(s).
  • He wakes up, seemingly 17 minutes later, but he can telepathically hear the creatures who tried to abduct him. Cole makes his escape.
  • On an airplane headed to Mexico, Cole hears the telepathic voices all around him. The creatures have been transferred into human beings?
  • Cole escapes out the door of the plane and into the ocean, arriving in Mexico. But the news says he killed two people.
  • In Washington, someone from the military and from Cole’s past is sent to find him.


Pretty impressive debut book, and definitely a great read for first time readers. Already it is obvious that the writers are not channeling Grifter from the Wildstorm Universe as the basis for their character, but instead are using Sawyer from Lost. It’s a very good choice. I didn’t realize how much I missed Sawyer until I read this.

And it’s always great to have a book that is set in New Orleans. You can do so many cool things with New Orleans, and I hope they return the character there.

A few details were lost with trying to make the book as action packed as possible. This is a good thing, but they will need to slow down in the future, or I will not be purchasing issue #3.

Cole boards a plane where two people have been transferred. This should be explained as either wide-scale infiltration or the creatures are boarding airplanes.

Is Grifter going to have any other purpose other than defeating this enemy? I’m not sure I see an extended hero saga for him outside of revenge against the Daemonites (if they are Daemonites).

The book is nothing that I haven’t seen before, but it’s a different enough of a combination of ideas to pull me in. So definitely successful on all fronts.


  1. Why was Cole Cash abducted? Just misfortune, or is there something about him that made them want to grab him?
  2. What are the creatures that abducted Cole? Are they Daemonites (which were aliens?), or are they some other type of creature?
  3. Why was Cole able to resist the transfer? Is there something about him.
  4. Why did Cole think he was only out for 17 minutes? Was he taken to the future, or just lost track of time due to being unconscious?
  5. Did Cole just find his mask? It seemed like he grabbed it from a shop, and then put it on his face to make the Grifter mask? Seems weird.


Very enjoyable, well worth the money, and I’m certainly intrigued enough to see how much more there is to the story. I want to know more about Cole Cash, and Grifter, so I’m in for issue #2.

B (Solid Debut)


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  1. I really liked this! Great style!

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