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26 of 52: Week Three Titles

by on September 21, 2011

Okay, going through this a third time. Should be old hat by now…

If you’re reading this, and haven’t been following the blog, I’m going to list the DCnU titles that are being released this week. Then I am going to rate how likely I am going to purchase them, based on the character, creative team, early solicitation information, and general buzz surrounding the title. Then, from the list, I will purchase three titles today (from Comixology). Later this week, I will purchase three more, combining the information from the list along with other reviews from the Internet.

Only twelve titles this week. Presumably, Justice League #2 will fall into this slot in October.

  1. Batman #1 (Scott Snyder & Greg Capulo): Batman seems to be the stronger creative team at this point, and the early buzz has been really good. It’s obvious, that Scott Snyder is one of the rising stars at DC. Well, I liked Snyder’s Swamp Things, and I like Batman, so this is an easy one. Almost Definitely
  2. Birds of Prey #1 (Duane Swierczynski & Jesus Saiz): I like Birds of Prey, but I haven’t liked them unless they were written by Chuck Dixon or Gail Simone. I’m not familiar with Duane Swierczynski’s writing, so that’s not going to pull me in. I think this is a wait and see. Not at First
  3. Blue Beetle #1 (Tony Bedard & Ig Guara): As a big Ted Kord fan, I’ve never really gotten into Jamie Reyes as Blue Beetle. Plus, I’ll read a good teen superhero series, but there has to be something more to it than that. The new BB seems forced, forced Hispanic, forced Legacy, and forced Teen. Not Likely
  4. Captain Atom #1 (J.T. Krul & Freddie Williams II): Krul is another rising DC star. I haven’t liked the post-crisis Retro titles so far (Hawk & Dove, Suicide Squad, JLI), but I think there’s a better chance with Captain Atom, as there are more things to play with . I won’t dismiss it completely. Not at First
  5. Catwoman #1 (Judd Winick & Gulliem March): There are two ways to write Catwoman: hard-nosed seductress/burglar who dances between both sides of the law, cheese-cake busty vigilante who serves as a plot point for her breasts. Winick’s writing has always seems to lean towards the later, I’ll wait to see which is the case. Not at First
  6. DC Universe Presents #1 (Paul Jenkins & Bernard Chang): Talk about hedging their bets, it’s like DC decided that Deadman isn’t popular enough to get an ongoing title, but we don’t want to start the new 52 with a mini-series. Anyway, new dedication for the character, and I like Paul Jenkins writing. Possibly
  7. Green Lantern Corps #1 (Peter Tomasi & Fernando Pasarin): I’ve only really enjoyed Guy Gardner as comic relief, and I’ve always found John Stewart to be rather boring. But I’ve liked both Green Lantern and Red Lanterns titles. So I’m not hopeful, but it could catch my interest on the rebound. Not at First
  8. Legion of Super-Heroes #1 (Paul Levitz & Francis Portella): I recently read some issues of the Legion written by Levitz and enjoyed them. But I’ve seen the preview of the title, and I’ve read Legion Lost, and I’ve just come to the conclusion that me and the Legion just don’t mix. Not Likely
  9. Nightwing #1 (Kyle Higgins & Eddy Barrows): I’m still pissed that they would give Dick Grayson the mantle of Batman, and just take it away. I knew it would happen, but still. Putting on the Nightwing costume seems like such a backwards step. But I’m a fan of Dick Grayson, so I may give it a chance. Possibly
  10. Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 (Scott Lobdell & Kenneth Rocafort): Who green-lit this title? Does anyone like Jason Todd? Does anyone think that Red Hood, Arsenal, and Starfire can carry a title? And why wouldn’t you say Outsiders instead of Outlaws. Seems like marketing gone bad with Lobdell leading the charge. Uck. Not Likely
  11. Supergirl #1 (Michael Green & Mike Johnson): I’m not a big Supergirl fan, but that’s no reason that the book can’t be good. I’m not sure that I like the solicitation that includes the “Don’t piss her off” tagline. Rereading old 90s titles with badass females with a short temper is much cheaper. Not at First
  12. Wonder Woman #1 (Brian Azzarelo & Cliff Chiang): I cannot wait to see what Azzarelo is going to try to do with Princess Diana. Just a crazy/awesome combination that may be the injection of life that Diana needs. I’m so in on this title, and it’s my most anticipated issue of the whole 52. (I’m a huge Azzarelo fan) Almost Definitely

So, that’s it. I thought Week Two seemed pretty weak, but this week definitely lacks both star power and potential intrigue. If I had to guess, my six purchases this week will be Batman, Wonder Woman, DCU Presents, Nightwing, Birds of Prey, and Captain Atom. But let’s see how things turn out.

Good reading everyone.


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