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26 of 52: Week Four Titles

by on September 27, 2011

Wow, last week of this. I feel almost melancholy. There was a real fun project feel to doing this, but I’m not sure I can continue purchasing this many comics in a single month. Or certainly this many superhero comics. I’ll do some sort of recap next week.

If you’re reading this, and haven’t been following the blog, I’m going to list the DCnU titles that are being released this week. Then I am going to rate how likely I am going to purchase them, based on the character, creative team, early solicitation information, and general buzz surrounding the title. Then, from the list, I will purchase three titles today (from Comixology). Later this week, I will purchase three more, combining the information from the list along with other reviews from the Internet.

  1. All Star Western #1 (Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti): This seems very interesting, but I’m not a big fan of Western comics nor of Jonah Hex, but I like the idea of Gotham City in a western setting. I’m leaning towards a mid-week pickup. Possibly
  2. Aquaman #1 (Geoff Johns & Ivan Reis): Geoff Johns is almost a must read at this point, especially when he is primed to pull a title back into the cool zone. He’s revived Teen Titans, Flash, Green Lantern, and now Aquaman is in his sights. I’m in! Almost Definitely
  3. Batman: The Dark Knight #1 (David Finch & Richard Friend): I didn’t read the previous The Dark Knight series, but it looked good from the previews. I’m probably not going to get this, only because week 4 is stacked and I’d rather discover new characters, than read another Batman book. Not at First
  4. Blackhawks #1 (Mike Costa & Ken Lashley): I am very curious about this book, as I always liked the concept of The Blackhawks. But I’m just not sure that overall it’s something that will pull me in instead of other things on the list. But I would be pleased to change that opinion. Not at First
  5. The Flash #1 (Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato): Never been that interested in The Flash as a character. Plus, I’m still somewhat resentful for the replacement of Wally West as The Flash. Don’t find Barry Allen particularly interesting. Not Likely
  6. The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #1 (Ethan Van Sciver, Gail Simone, & Yildiray Cinar): A very new take on Firestorm, and that has me curious. Plus, Gail Simone writing the book is always a plus. Not a huge Firestorm fan, but this could be interesting to say the least. Not at First
  7. Green Lantern: New Guardians #1 (Tony Bedard & Tyler Kirkham): Ummm…. No… just not interested in anyway. Maybe it’ll be so highly reviewed that I can’t NOT read it. Perhaps, but I don’t see this making my list. Not Likely
  8. I, Vampire #1 (Joshua Hale Fialkov & Andrea Sorrentino): This got some early buzz already as a surprisingly good title, and I liked how the character was handled in some of the Post-Crisis books of the 80s/90s. I’m very curious about this title, and want to know more. Possibly
  9. Justice League Dark #1 (Peter Milligan & Mikel Janin): Bad title. Good writer. Favorite characters. I’m in. Just to see how John Constantine handles being in a team environment, with a writer who knows how to write him, that will be interesting enough. But drop the title, it sucks. Almost Definitely
  10. The Savage Hawkman #1 (Tony Daniel & Philip Tan): For years, you hear the same cry, “We gotta fix Hawkman. We gotta fix Hawkman.” Well, here’s your chance DC. Don’t blow it. But I’m very interested. Almost Definitely
  11. Superman #1 (George Pèrez & Jesus Merino): It’s George Pèrez for goodness sake. The first artist whose name I knew. I haven’t heard great things about this one, and I’m hoping that it just got dwarfed by its big brother, Action Comics written by Grant Morrisson. Possibly
  12. Teen Titans #1 (Scott Lobdell & Brett Booth): God, there’s just nothing I like about the revamped Teen Titans. I don’t like the new costumes. I don’t like the new characterizations that I’ve seen. I don’t really like Scott Lobdell as a writer. I’m enough of a Titans fan to be pulled in if I hear otherwise, though. Not at First
  13. Voodoo #1 (Ron Marz & Sami Basri): Okay, it’s Ron Marz, who is okay at times, but he’s writing a tale about a superhero stripper who may have alien powers. Um, it could be good. But I’m not really feeling it. Not Likely

So, if I had to guess, the first three titles are: Aquaman, Justice League Dark and Savage Hawkman, with a follow up of All Star Western, I, Vampire, and Superman. But I’ll wait to see if anything else changes my opinion.

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