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26 of 52: The Savage Hawkman #1

by on September 29, 2011


Image by ElDave via Flickr

I’m not even sure why I was drawn to the rebooted Hawkman title. I guess it’s because Hawkman has seemed so lost, and so screwed up for so long, that I wanted to show some support. Because if anyone needed a COMPLETE reboot with no continuity issues whatsoever, it was Carter Hall.

By my count, there have been : Golden Age Hawkman, Silver Age Hawkman, Hawkworld Hawkman, Continuity Silver Age Patchwork Hawkman, Hawk Avatar Hawkman, and revived JSA Hawkman who was supposedly connected via past lives to all of the previous ones put together.

The DC Universe is more interesting with a strong Carter Hall in it, so let’s see if this version fits the bill.

The Savage Hawkman #1
Writer: Tony Daniel | Art by: Philip Tan

Let’s go very very very lightly into Hawkman’s backstory. Carter Hall is an archaeologist who is the reincarnated Egyptian Prince Khufu. In both his lives he discovers the alien metal Nth Metal, which allows Carter to fly using hawk like wings.

In Blackest Night, Hawkman and Hawkgirl are killed and are reanimated as Black Lanterns. When the Black Lanterns are defeated, both Carter and Shiera are reborn, both remembering all of their past lives. However, in Brightest Day, Hawkman and Hawkgirl become wind elementals. When the battle is over, Carter becomes human against, but Shiera remains the wind elemental.

No clue if any of this is maintained in the new series


  • Carter Hall is in the forests of upstate New York, where he tries to burn the Hawkman costume and Nth Metal, but a fiery hawk creature emerges from the flames and takes Carter home.
  • A Research Vessel is off the coast of Bermuda finds an alien shipwreck that is several hundred years old.
  • A friend of Carters gets him to join the team searching the alien ruins from the ocean.
  • The crew have found alien mummies from the ship, when they try to take a DNA sample, a black goo envelops two of the scientists turning them into violent creatures
  • Carter tries to fight the creatures when the Nth metal forms his Hawkman suit all around him.
  • One of the creatures forms Morificus, and battles Hawkman, eventually taking on a hawk-like form.

Questions and Answers

  1. Obviously, does was this Hawkman a part of what happened with Blackest Night and Brightest Day.
  2. When facing the alien creatures, Hawkman says “Born and Bred in the U.S. of A,” which seems like a very strange thing for a reincarnated Egyptian prince to say.


The Norman Rockwell colors of the opening pages are really really well done. Captures very well who Hawkman has been and the world he comes from.

Wonderful tease that Carter Hall was secretly going to commit suicide. Yes of course you don’t have a book called Hawkman, and have Carter Hall kill in self in the opening pages, but the imagery was still there, and effective.

Loved the fact that the ship is called the Shining Knight. Just awesome.

Okay the purple goo reminded me both of X-Files and Venom at the same time. I expected something better than those tired tropes.

Attractive blonde female lead in the stories is obviously being groomed for a potential Carter Hall love interest. That’s fine, but don’t have that be a reincarnation of Shiera. Be her own person, not more fated lovers who happen to find each other really easily.

The embodiment of Carter Hall automatically wearing the Hawkman suit is very impressive, and takes on a whole new personality change. Only in the context of Hawkman does this really work, but it is Hawkman so it does.

I really felt that the writers/editors here took the best parts from both Carter Hall and the true Silver Age Katar Hol and merged them into one being. And I think it really worked.

Simbyote like creatures taking over humans and supplanting them with alien memories seems not very original (i.e., see Venom), but maybe there is a connection to Thanagar, which would make this development more interesting.

Generally, I liked the book. Dove into the action and really kept it going for the entire issue. Not a log bogged down by an origin story, and not even a back to zero reckoning. I mean I still have questions regarding Carter Hall, but I certainly have the feeling that the information is going to come, even if at the writer’s pace.


I really enjoyed this title. It was very refreshing to read a story regarding Hawkman that did not involve pages of back story, or continuity that stretched back for the last 40 years. It worked for me.



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