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26 of 52: Superman #1

by on October 4, 2011

And finally we reach #26. This has mostly been a personal journey for me, to experience digital comics and discover the new DC Comics Universe. Someone asked me the other day, if I was a DC guy. I used to be. I had a run with the DC Universe that lasted from 1987-1994, with some brief stops in both the X-Men corner of the Marvel Universe, and the Valiant Universe.

These days I follow creators. It can be tough to discover new talent when you follow the same names with whom you are familiar. But once you’ve walked around the block, you recognize the differences. The X-Men are being revamped this fall, and all you hear about is the teams and the line-ups. And yet, when I hear about the Fantastic Four revitalization, I hear the name Jonathan Hickman over and over.

To that point, let us end this series with one of the first creators I ever followed. I discovered George Perez when I was 10 years old, when he and Marv Wolfman wrote the classic New Teen Titans. I picked up this book, knowing that he was going to end his run with issue #6. Let’s see what Mr. Perez can do.

Superman #1: What Price Tomorrow
Script & Breakdown: George Pérez | Pencil & Inks: Jesús Merino

Okay, it’s freaking Superman for goodness sake. You better know who he is by now.

But this is a new Superman. Not so new that we should have no idea who he is, but new enough that there is no excess baggage on him, yet. Plus, we already know that Clark Kent and Lois Lane are no longer married in the DCnU, and she no longer knows that he is Superman.


  • The ‘classic’ Daily Planet building is demolished, as the Daily Planet newspaper has been purchased by Morgan Edge, who merges his Galaxy Broadcast Systems to form Planet Global Network.
  • Superman flies over the ruins of The Daily Planet as Jimmy Olsen and a girl named Miko are on the scene.
  • At the Metropolis Astrodome, security guards investigate a series of fires. But the fire becomes alive and attacks.
  • In flashback, Clark and Lois talk about The Daily Planet selling out to Morgan Edge.
  • Superman dispatches a stolen truck filled with toxic chemicals; which explodes in the sky killing the robbers. Immediately afterwards Superman is attacked by the fire creature from the Astrodome.
  • The creature tries to set the whole city on fire, but Superman believes he hears the creature speak in the language of Krypton. Superman dumps the old Daily Planet sculpture on top of the creature, allowing him to take the creature into the atmosphere, where the creature dissipated.
  • Clark goes to Lois’s apartment to apologize but she is entertaining her new love interest, Jonathan Carroll.

Questions and Answers

  1. The Daily Planet was founded in 1826.
  2. Something has happened personally to Clark Kent in recent times, leading up to the purchasing of the Daily Planet.
  3. Lois Lane has become the Executive Vice President of New Media. Does this affect Perry’s job as Editor in Chief.
  4. What is the fire creature. Is it alien? Is it magic? Is it from Krypton? Or is it a combination of all things?
  5. Is Morgan Edge a villain or just simply a businessman who will look at all situations with an aggressive angle.


This was a very effective introduction to the world of Superman. You can say it’s a missed opportunity to start truly from point one. But really, there are enough people out there who have seen the Superman comics, movies, television, or cartoon shows to assume they know about the Daily Planet, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White. The rest was all pretty much provided in the pages of the comic book.

Perez’s art is really well done. I loved the look of Metropolis, and even the facial expressions, most notably Clark and Perry White.

The demolition of the Daily Planet building was rather emotional, even for me who is not a big Superman fan.

Interesting merging of real life events. The current complaints levied against Fox News in Great Britain, and the old school traditions of the current newspaper landscape.

Clark and Lois are supposed to be contemporaries. But if Superman debuted 5 years ago, even if that makes Lois Lane 30 years old, that is rather young to be a Pulitzer Prize reporter, news anchor, and now Executive VP.

The horn blowing atop the Himalayas is thrown in the middle of this very haphazardly. No reason for it unless both comics are tied together. Not even sure if the blowing of the horn has anything to do with the fire creature or now.

Police just letting Superman take care of an emergency, that is rather troubling, even if it is most likely true.

Loved seeing a creature that we aren’t sure that Superman can handle. That is a tough thing to accomplish, but the fire creature was a great idea.

The new looks of Perry and Jimmy are really excellent. Unsure about Clark, and Lois is back to an attractive but matronly look. Generally speaking it works.

Lois greeting Clark at the door with a shirtless Jonathan Carroll really is bothersome. Not that Lois has another man in her life, but that she would be bedding someone who her coworkers don’t even know? Seems very out-of-character for a smart newspaper woman like Lois Lane.


I was fairly compelled by this story. I don’t like going through the Clark and Lois relationship dance AGAIN. I liked having that on the back burner in the post-Crisis DC Universe. But otherwise, this was a really good Superman story. I was able to dive right in and follow all the characters, even though I only really know Superman, Lois, Jimmy, and Perry.



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