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26 of 52: The Recap

by on October 4, 2011

Okay, it’s been an interesting journey over the last 34 days. I read 26 new comic books over a 34 day period, almost 1 per day. I could have read all 52, but for me that would be a cheat. I would never purchase 52 comics in a single month. That’s over $150.00 just on DC Comic book titles alone. I ended up spending close to $80.00 as it was. This was a fun project, and I was happy to spend the money on this project. But, going forward I am even more selective about the single issues I want to read each week.

Plus, I thought it was important to see how DC Comics utilized their characters, creative teams, and hype to bring users in. So, let’s do a quick review of the titles that I collected.

Now, I gave out my initial grade based on how I liked the plot, story, and artwork of a particular comic. There are other factors that I use to determine if I would buy it again: likeable/enjoyable characters, alternative products, whether the title has a future, and whether the book would work better as a trade paperback.

Plus, now that I’ve allowed the titles to ‘breathe’ a little, I see them differently. I enjoyed Green Lantern #1 very much, but when I see Green Lantern on the list of titles to purchase, am I excited about the next issue?

Title: Initial Grade Read Again Quick Comment
Batgirl #1 C- Yes Sloppy execution, no sense of who is Batgirl.
Batman #1 A Yes Best Batman title of the month.
Batwoman #1 A Yes Beautiful artwork, compelling character.
Detective Comics #1 B- Yes Didn’t stand out among other Batman titles.
Grifter #1 B Yes Enjoyable with some issues, want to see what’s next.
I, Vampire #1 A Yes I’m all in on this one.
Justice League #1 B- Yes Liked it enough to continue, but not encouraged.
Justice League Dark #1 C- Yes Didn’t do enough, but I see where he’s going.
Nightwing #1 B Yes Pulled me in at the last second, so I’m in.
Savage Hawkman #1 A- Yes Liking the take on Carter Hall, so I’m in.
Stormwatch #1 A Yes Intriguing plot, and interesting characters.
Swamp Thing #1 A Yes Enjoyed the mystery and horror combo.
Wonder Woman #1 A+ Yes Enjoyed this title the best.
All Star Western #1 B+ Wait for Trade Clever, but nothing you haven’t seen before.
Animal Man #1 A- Wait for Trade May choose to read in trade, but liked it.
DC Universe #1 A Wait for Trade Clever and pulled me in, but
Frankenstein #1 B+ Wait for Trade Pleasantly surprised, but derivative of other comics.
Green Lantern #1 A Wait for Trade Intriguing, but unlikeable main character.
Red Lanterns #1 A- Wait for Trade Surprisingly good, unsure if can sustain it.
Aquaman #1 D No Hopeful, it will get better.
Captain Atom #1 C- No Enjoyed and a good read, but not intriguing.
Demon Knights #1 C+ No Curious, but not enough to say for sure.
Hawk and Dove #1 C No Bland and boring with little intrigue
Legion Lost #1 D No No way to bring in a new reader. Hated it.
Superman #1 B No Good tale of Superman, but all over the place.

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