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About… (Just About)

Okay, getting rid of all pretentiousness about my blog.  Plus, tying Jimmy Buffet to fanboy activities is really stretching it.

This blog is about… who am I, or more specifically…. “Who am I today?”  Currently, the answer is I’m a procrastinating fanboy.  What is this?  Well, a fan of nerdy or genre entertainment, who maintains the same level of obsession, but his time and money don’t seem to accommodate it:

  • I prefer trade paperbacks to individual issues of comic books, and am more interested in getting a bargain of something that came out three years ago, then reading the latest mega-crossover.
  • I like digital comics, because I don’t like single issues cluttering up my house.
  • The only nerd television series I watch consistently is Doctor Who.
  • I love Battlestar Galactica, and I’m currently watching Season Two, for the FIRST TIME!
  • My favorite comic book series are Fables and Captain America.  I’m just now getting around to reading Fables: Sons of Empire and I just finished Captain America: Reborn.
  • Most of my fanboy energies are focused on disseminating my son’s cartoon shows.  (Phineas and Ferb is awesome, and Dora the Explorer is pure evil!)

Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’m going to be a professional agnostic slacker, or an overly-dramatic faux-hipster geek.  The world is open.

So it remains “Looks at 40”, and maybe soon I’ll drop the whole initial tag altogether.

“Mother, mother ocean, I have heard you call…” – Jimmy Buffett

rjschwabe 09/15/2011

Ua pau te maitai no te fenua
Re zai noa ra te ora o te miti

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